100% Customizable Influence Home Page

This is Influence's built in home page. This page is powered by SiteOrigin's drag and drop Page Builder plugin. Page Builder allows you to create your very own flexible, responsive custom page layouts, which you can then fill with all the widgets you know and love. So if you don't feel like using the default blog style layout, simply activate the Influence home page and begin creating a home page in the style and feel that best suits you!

About Influence

Influence is a theme that reinforces the idea that with creativity, some focus and the right platform, you can a difference in the world. It’s a theme that doesn’t try to do too much. It simply forms a canvas for your creativity.

Custom CSS Page

Influence is fairly comprehensive in terms of features and gives you enough in the way of customizations to style Influence to your liking. For those of you looking for a little more in the cusomization department, we have included a built in Custom CSS page.


Influence is a responsive WordPress theme. This means that it scales nicely to fit onto mobile devices. In the premium version your main menu will collapse into a single button and the footer widgets collapse into a single column. Try it out by re sizing your browser window.

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