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Welcome to Snapshot!

Snapshot: All About Photo’s

Snapshot is a theme that’s all about your photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual photo blogger, Snapshot displays your photos with brilliance and crystal clarity.

Check out some the features below:

100% Customizable Snapshot Home Page

This is Snapshots built in home. This page is powered by SiteOrigin's drag and drop Page Builder plugin. Page Builder allows you to create your very own flexible custom page layouts, which you can then fill with all the widgets you know and love. So if you dont feel like using the default blog style layout, simply activate the Snapshot home page and begin creating a home page in the style and feel that best suits you!

Home Page Slider

Snapshots main feature is the home page slider. It utilizes every single horizontal pixel of your visitor’s browser to display your photos with amazing crystal clarity.

Easy Navigation

Snapshot makes it easy to navigate your content. It displays your latest posts on the home page. For each post, it displays a list of photos that your visitors can use to navigate through your gallery.


Above all else, Snapshot focuses on simplicity. The design is stripped down and minimal. This is to ensure that full focus goes on your photos. All Snapshot does is organize them, beautifully.