Tooltip Addon

The Tooltip Addon is available as part of SiteOrigin Premium. Tooltip functionality is available for the following SiteOrigin widgets.

  • Button
  • Features
  • Icon
  • Image
  • Image Grid
  • Price Table
  • Simple Masonry

SiteOrigin Image Widget

SiteOrigin Image Grid

SiteOrigin Simple Masonry

SiteOrigin Button Widget

SiteOrigin Icon Widget

SiteOrigin Features Widget


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SiteOrigin Price Table Widget

Hover over the text above the button in each column to view the tooltip.

Use On 1 Site

Perfect if you just need a single license for your main website.

Use On Up to 5 Sites

If you're going to use SiteOrigin Premium on a few sites, then this is a great option. This works out to just $9.80 per website!

Use On Unlimited Sites

If you're building websites for a lot of clients, this option could work out to less than $1 per website.